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1 Introduction

Thank you very much for choosing to use Amadeus Pro. This is a very high quality feature-packed audio editor which is nevertheless easy to use and very reasonably priced.

This manual will guide you through the main features of Amadeus Pro. It is not intended to be an exhaustive reference text, but it will focus on those features that are maybe not absolutely intuitive at first glance. The best way by far to find out how a feature that is not covered in detail by this manual works is to simply try it out and see what happens. Most of the time, it should be pretty much what you expected from the name of the command and / or from the conventions in use by most Mac OS X applications. You should not be shy about trying functions out, since destructive actions can always be undone, unless a specific warning is given that this is not the case.

This manual also assumes that you are reasonably familiar with computers and know how to use basic Mac OS X applications. (Think of this as your car manufacturer assuming that you actually passed your drivers license test before buying a car from him.) In particular, it assumes that you know about files, windows, the menu bar, etc. If you have little familiarity with sound editing, it is probably a good idea to start by reading Sections 2 and 5 in their entirety, since these sections explain the basic terminology and concepts used in this manual.

This manual is a PDF file with hyperlinks. All words written in blue (this includes not only URL’s but also references to sections and page numbers for example) are clickable. Some terms that may not familiar to everyone are linked to their Wikipedia entries. This is why no glossary is provided, since the Wikipedia entries are usually quite well written and more complete than any glossary that could be provided here. It is hoped that these Wikipedia links are stable, but it may of course happen that they break sometime in the future. If you find a broken link, please inform me by sending an email to Martin@HairerSoft.com.

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