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In the well-known Print dialog you can setup everything to print your currently selected barcode on your desired printer or output device.

Here you also find more PDF output options as well as the Anteprima option as offered by the Mac OS X system.

Not Using Label Sheets

Not Using Label Sheets - Please click to enlarge

When you choose this option, only one barcode will be output, centered on each page in the format set up at File > Page Setup.

Label Sheet

If you have defined your own label sheets in the preferences, you can choose a label sheet here to let Barcody format the selected barcodes on the print sheets automatically.

Label Sheet - Please click to enlarge

One barcode per label sheet

This option forces one barcode to be printed repeatedly on the selected label sheet, which means you can have multiple copies of each selected barcode.

Adjust barcode size to fit

This option scales the barcodes sizes to fit the defined label sizes.

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