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Min första streckkod

[Detta avsnitt är ännu inte översatt.]
Here is a guide how to create your first GTIN-13 barcode.

  1. Launch Barcody.

  2. It will open a new Barcodes Document window.

    Streckkodsdokument - Please click to enlarge

    (If it doesn't, create one on your own, using the menu command File > New.)

  3. Click on Add Barcode and select GTIN-13 (EAN-13) from the barcodes list.

    Menyn med streckkodstyper - Please click to enlarge

  4. Now enter the barcode parameters. You should at least fill in a meaningful name plus the content which you should have received from an GTIN-13 barcode authority. You may keep most other parameters as suggested by the defaults.

    Check the Preview area in the window.

  5. Now you're ready to output the generated barcode in e.g. PDF format for further purposes.

Here you find the GTIN-13 specifications.

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