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Barcode Window

[Questo sezione non รจ stato ancora tradotto.]
When you launch Barcody Express, you will see the following barcode window:

This window is divided in several parts which are described in the following section.


This main part of the barcode list window in the upper right area of the window offers all available parameters which can be set for a barcode. Parameters which are not available for a distinct barcode type, are grayed out (disabled). The parameters describe themselves.

Suggerimento: Module width and height refer to the barcode itself, without clear text lines. A Module describes the smallest element of a barcode itself, this means a single barcode stroke.

Trucco: If you want to produce e.g. catalogs with barcodes generally in CMYK, we recommend that you define the barcode color basically as a CMYK color here. After a click on the color field behind Barcode Color, the system palette Colors from Mac OS X is shown. Choose the second group named Color Sliders in its toolbar. Then you can choose, from the pop-up menu below, which color model you want to use. Don't forget to choose an adequate CMYK color profile from its menu. This can be accessed with a click on the tiny symbol in front of the color model pop-up menu.


In the bottom right area you will see the preview of the currently selected barcode type. Using the zoom popup menu in the right corner you can also enlarge or shrink the preview from 25 up to 800%.

The preview graphic can be grabbed and dragged into other applications. When the graphic is selected, you can also use the functions for exchange via the system clipboard (Cut, Copy, Paste).

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