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BlogAssist User Guide Changes

This is a reverse-chronological list of changes to the BlogAssist User Guide, for those who have read previous editions:

Date Version Description
2012-08-15 2.4 Added the Substitutions page, and updated the license pages.
2010-09-30 #57 Encoding of the .htm pages switched to UTF-8; many pages reviewed.
2008-05-24 2.2 Updated the Operations page.
2007-12-03 2.1.2 Updated the Install page to change it from disk image to ZIP archive installation.
2007-02-28 2.1 Updated for improved Introduction pages and the new Services menu and window.
2006-12-29 2.1b1 Updated for new Dejal logo, new license windows, and reorganized Help menu items.
2006-07-17 2.0 Updated several images for the new application icon.
2006-06-30 2.0c1 Added pages for the BlogAssist floating window, plus the license and introduction windows, and updated several images.
2006-01-25 2.0b1 Initial edition of the user guide.

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