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Without valid registration, your Charmas is a demo version.

When you have received your Charmas match code, you can use it to activate Charmas as the full version. You can receive the match code in different forms:

The received match code data are divided into three parts:

  1. Your Name (in CAPITAL LETTERS)

  2. Your Product Serial Number (normally six-digit)

  3. Your Match Code (a 20-digit string with characters and numerals)

When you register your Charmas copy, you have to enter these three match code data parts literally into the respective blue fields. In addition, you have to fill out the fields Street and City with sensible data.

Important: When the required fields (marked with a red star) are not filled out, the registration fails.

Hint: Please keep in mind that you must copy only the requested data when you copy it, e.g. from your email program. Some email clients automatically attach spaces to the cut text. Remove any extra characters after you have inserted the data, and before you finish the registration with OK.

OEM version

When you have purchased Charmas from a distributor, you will probably have received OEM registration data. Because we compute your name and a six digit serial number into the match code, we cannot provide personal registration data to OEM resellers in advance.

You can register your Charmas OEM license with the received registration data. Therefore you should use OEM xxxxxx as your name (where xxxxxx is your given serial number).

After you have successfully unlocked your Charmas version with your OEM registration data, you may see another reminder dialog from time to time.

The dialog is almost identical to the normal reminder dialog. It just reminds you to register with your personal information which we need to send you a computed personal match code. We recommend to register in order to get full support by us.

Mac App Store version

When you have purchased Charmas from the Mac App Store (MAS), it has automatically installed a fully functional MAS OEM version into your Applications folder. In order to not disturb you when using a MAS version of Charmas, chances are that Charmas will not show an OEM registration reminder dialog at all.

If you want to get full support from us and maybe pick future updates from our website instead of using the MAS, we ask you to send us a purchase proof. Simply send us the invoice which you received by Apple when you purchased Charmas.

Await our email with your personal match code data. When you have received it, register your copy of Charmas as described above.

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