Colorblender Manual

Thank you for using Colorblender! This User Guide will help you using Colorblender.

Using Colorblender

Colorblender is a tool for creating color palettes for web design and other types of digital design. The main feature of Colorblender is to have a complete palette of six matching colors created when choosing only one base color. This helps you to very quickly and easily create a color scheme e.g. for a website.

Fine tuning colors

Simply edit the colors by clicking one of the seven smaller color swatches. When you hold the mouse pointer over a smaller color swatch, you will see a tooltip informing about which color component would be increased. The smaller color swatch in the middle is the current color.

The smaller color swatches correspond with the Base Color Values sliders which you can also use to adjust the base color.

If you click one of the six large color swatches (one on the upper left and five on the upper right), the clicked color will become the base color.

Input HSV color values

HSV color can now be entered directly as a base color in the main window.

Input HTML color values

HTML color can now be entered directly as a base color in the main window.

Getting the colors out of Colorblender

When you are finished with your palette you can save it so you can access it later.
The export function, make it easy to use your palettes in your favorite editor.

In the menu, go to File > Export As …

The file menu item Export to System Color Panel saves the six colors in the System Color Panel. You will find the saved colors in the Color Palettes tab of the System Color Panel, in the pop-up menu under Colorblender. You have to restart Colorblender (or any app using the System Color Panel) in order to see it listed in the pop-up menu.

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