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CSVEditor offers a common Preferences dialog where you can define and edit several settings in the application. There are currently two different Preferences sections:


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When you check the Effects option Highlight sheets, the document area will be darkened when a sheet drops out of the document title bar / toolbar. This increases the focus on the sheet.

Couleurs des cellules

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You can assign individual colors to certain data cells by setting rules here which check the data field contents. You can use simple text comparisons or regular expressions. Four of these rules (using regular expressions) are built-in by default.

The other preferences options describe themselves.

Remarque : If you want to restore the built-in default rules for any reason, you have to delete the preferences file of the application. Then the default rules will be restored when you launch the application for the next time. This will also delete all of your self-defined rules. So you might better keep the default rules untouched.

The preferences file is named (or if you have purchased CSVEditor from the Mac App Store, net.dsd.CSVEditor.plist). It can be found on the specified location of your hard drive where Mac OS X stores this kind of preferences files for applications. This location can vary for different versions of Mac OS X.

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