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Open Assistant

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When you open an existing CSV file in CSVEditor, or launch CSVEditor by double-clicking a CSV file, you will not immediately see the table window, but will see the Open Assistant instead.

Open Assistant - Cliquez pour agrandir

In its upper area you can set the parameters which CSVEditor will use when opening the file. Choose the desired encoding and the field separator here. (Usually CSVEditor recognizes the right field separator automatically.) When the chosen encoding cannot be used for the given data, a yellow warning triangle is shown. You must then use a more appropriate encoding. The line ending (CR, LF , or CR/LF) is automatically recognized and remembered for later saving of the file.

Additionally, you can specify that CSVEditor should use the data from the first data record (i.e. the first line in the file) as column titles.

When you change parameters here, the preview area below will be updated immediately.

If you agree with what is shown in the preview (which often only shows part of the available records for speed reasons), click on [Open] to open the spreadsheet window with the data as defined.

If CSVEditor recognizes that not all lines of the loaded file have the same number of data fields, you will see a notification sheet which also informs you that CSVEditor will add the missing data automatically as empty data fields on loading. Then you can continue editing the data as usual.

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