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Manual conventions

In this manual we use several special notation styles to visualize different things. Here is a list of these conventions:

Keys, keyboard shortcuts & buttons

They are enclosed in square brackets, like [Q], [Cmd][A], [OK] or [Cancel].

Control keys

Apple shipped various keyboards for their Macs, with various control key prints. We use these descriptors:

File & path names

When we mention specified files or paths which are relevant for DubbySnap, they are shown in a special font face, like

Manual navigation with keyboard


Click on the navigation buttons in the header and footer area of each document window to browse the manual. Their tooltips inform you about the title of the relevant manual page. But you can also browse the help book or manual with your keyboard. Therefore, the Apple Help Viewer window (or your web browser window) has to be the active window. That is, there is no focus on a search field or any other object but the document area of the window.

Key Button Equivalent Function
Left Arrow key udo_lf Browses to the previous page.
Right Arrow key udo_rg Browses to the following page.
Pos 1 / Home key udo_hm Back to the homepage of this manual.

Hint: The [Up Arrow] and [Down Arrow] keys are not activated for pages browsing. Use them to scroll long pages up and down, as usual.

Zoomable images

Some screen shots of application windows or dialogs may be somewhat too large for convenient reading in the help pages layout. Thus, we have then placed a smaller copy of the screen shot on the page instead. Whenever you see a tiny dotted blue rectangle around an image, you can click on it. It will then be enlarged to its original size, depending on the current size of the window which shows the manual page.

Hint: By the way, ~ is an abbreviation which is commonly used in all Unix systems (which Mac OS X belongs to). It stands for <Main Hard Drive>/Users/<Your Username>, e.g.:
Macintosh HD/Users/UlfDunkel

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