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About DubbySnap

This menu item shows information about DubbySnap, offers a link to the distributor's web site and an email link to the developer.


This menu item shows different services which are offered by the operating system of your computer or by other applications for usage in DubbySnap.

Hide DubbySnap

You want to get DubbySnap out of sight but let it continue doing its stuff? Simply hide it by clicking on this menu item, i.e. all open windows and the menu of DubbySnap will be hidden.

DubbySnap will still run in the Dock and can be re-opened from there.

Hide Others

If other programs lay in front while you want to work with DubbySnap you can easily hide them by selecting this menu item. The other programs will not be quitted but still run in the Dock.

Show All

If you have hidden several programs, you can make them all visible again with a single mouse click on this menu item.

Quit DubbySnap

Here is your way out of DubbySnap.

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