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Document Window

The document window is divided into four sections:

Document Window - Please click to enlarge


The Toolbar shows all important functions of DubbySnap by default. You can hide the Toolbar, like usual. You can adjust the Toolbar view after a right click into the Toolbar view, or by using the relevant View menu items.

Documents view

This area shows a list of all currently collected documents URLs. The list can be shown in list mode, item mode, or Cover Flow mode. Change the display mode via the Toolbar or the View menu.

Content view

This area shows the current (web) content of the currently selected document URL. Note that clicks into relevant elements inside the content view open your preferred browser with the clicked URL.

Inspector view

Here you find information about the currently selected document URL, such as title, URL, and creation date. You can assign a color label and write a comment for the document.

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