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Camera Setup

All digital cameras write timestamps to the images they take. Most cameras however do not store the time zone they are configured for. HoudahGeo uses timestamps to match images to GPS track logs. It needs to know how to interpret the timestamps embedded in the images.

Camera clock setup thus is the single most important information you need to provide to HoudahGeo. Automatic geocoding is only possible when this information is accurate.

Camera time zone:

the time zone the camera was configured to at the time the photos were taken. Typically this is your home time zone or the time zone you have travelled to.

Clock error:

the number of seconds your camera's clock was fast at the time the photos were taken. If you have accurately set the time on your camera, this value should be 0.

Settings made in Camera Setup are, by default, ignored for images which come with time zone information already embedded. This includes images taken by the iPhone or another GPS-enabled camera.

HoudahGeo supposes that all photos in a project were taken using the same camera settings. If you used multiple cameras, you need to create separate projects. You then have the option to write timestamps including time zone information during EXIF/XMP export. You may then load the updated images into a new project.

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