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Flickr Upload

This option uploads photos from your HoudahGeo project to

Image size:

HoudahGeo converts your images to the JPEG format before uploading. You may specify a maximum dimension to scale the image down to.

You can freely choose a size during export. Flickr however limits the resolution you may access online if you have a free account.

Include machine tags:

Flickr supports two ways of attaching location information to a photo. The first is based on EXIF tags which HoudahGeo automatically attaches to the images it uploads. The second makes use of machine tags. These are special tags which the Flickr server knows to interpret. E.g. geo:lat=34.073157 geo:lon=-118.452398

Some Flickr clients rely on the presence of these tags. It is best to let HoudahGeo attach those.

In order to fully benefit from uploading geocoded images to Flickr, you need to enable the Import EXIF location data option in your Flickr privacy settings.


This setting determines who may see the photos you are about to publish. Possible values are: Public, Friends & Family, Friends, Family, Private.


You may choose to add your photos to one of your Flickr sets. Either pick one from the list or enter a name to have HoudahGeo create a new set.

Clear credentials:

HoudahGeo needs to be authorized for use with your Flickr account. Once you have done this, HoudahGeo stores Flickr credentials. Should you want to use HoudahGeo with another Flickr account, you need to first clear the existing credentials.

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