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Creating a Project

The first thing to do with iLocalize is to create a project with the bundle you would like to localize. iLocalize has an assistant to guide you through the process of creating a project. Use the following steps to create a project:

  1. Choose File > New Project.

  2. In the first view, enter the following information:

    Bundle: Choose or drag the bundle you would like to localize. It can be an application, a bundle, a framework or a folder. The bundle must contain at least one language folder (e.g. English.lproj).
    Name: Enter the name of the project.
    Destination: Choose or drag the destination folder of the project. A folder named after the project will be created inside this destination.
    Presets: The presets allow you to save a certain configuration that can be reused later on.

  3. If any problems are detected in the bundle, they will be displayed in the next view. Common problems can be read-only files, compiled NIBs, etc.

  4. The next view allows you to choose the base language and the available languages to import.

    Create non-existing localized files from base language: Check that button if any file that exists in the base language but not in the imported language must be created.

  5. Click [Create] to start the creation of the project.


Folder Structure:

If you want to create a project using a folder, make sure it contains at least one language folder (e.g. English.lproj, fr.lproj). For example, the following structure of a folder will work perfectly:

      +- English.lproj
      |  +- ... all the resources for English
      +- Italian.lproj
      |  +- ... all the resources for Italian
      +- Finnish.lproj
         +- ... all the resources for Finnish
Compiled NIB Files:

A compiled NIB file is a NIB file that has been compacted to take less space on the disk but that cannot be localized anymore (see FAQ entry for more information).

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