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Information Inspector

The right column of the Notio document window shows the Information inspector (if it isn't hidden in the View menu). The Information inspector has two views: Info and Attachments. Both are described now in detail:


This Information inspector view shows all available additional information for the currently selected object, like e.g. title, keywords, color label, description, comment, creation date, and modification date. When you click the area behind the information name, you can enter the desired information directly in the Inspector.


This inspector view is only available when notes are selected. It lists all attachments that you have assigned to a note.

Accessories Bar

At the bottom of the right column you see an accessories bar which shows three vertical bars in boths views (Info + Attachments) at the left.

They symbolize a mover which you can grab and move to change the width of the Inspector area of the document window. You can also place the mouse pointer exactly on the vertical separation line between the middle and right area of the document window, until the mouse pointer changes into a mover with arrows to the left and right. Then you can also change the column width.

When the Information inspector shows the Attachments view, you will see a [+] button right to the mover which opens another window, where you can pick one or multiple resources and assign them to the note.

It is followed by a [–] button which is only selectable when at least one attachment is selected in the attachments list above. Then you can remove the selected attachment from this note. (This action will not delete the attachment!)

At the right you see two symbols which switch between a list view and a symbol/preview view of the attachments in the attachments list above.

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