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About Notio

Here you find the mandantory info dialog about Notio.

At one glance you can see which version of the program you use and who it is registered for.

With two links you can reach the website of the distributor and write an email to the distributor here.

Besides, you will find the button Register in unregistered versions here. Click on it and open the registry dialog of the program where you can enter the purchased registry code.


You can define various general behavior patterns of Notio. Use this menu item to open the Preferences dialog. It is described in its own chapter.

Purchase Notio Online

You want to register your still unregistered Notio and get rid of the restrictions? You want to support the continuous development? No problem!

Chose this menu item. Your internet browser will open immediately and leads you to the Notio product page in our website (if your computer is already connected to the internet).

There you can order the registry data for your Notio. Fill in and send the form. You will get your registry data via email in about 24 jours.

Register Notio

When you have received your Notio match code, you can use it to activate Notio as the full version. You can receive the match code in different forms:

The received match code data are divided into three parts:

  1. Your Name (in CAPITAL LETTERS)
  2. Your Product Serial Number (normally six-digit)
  3. Your Match Code (a 20-digit string with characters and numerals)

When you register your Notio copy, you have to enter these three match code data parts literally into the respective blue fields. In addition, you have to fill out the fields Street and City with sensible data.

Important: When the required fields (marked with a red star) are not filled out, the registration fails.

Hint: Please keep in mind that you must copy only the requested data when you copy it, e.g. from your email program. Some email clients automatically attach spaces to the cut text. Remove any extra characters after you have inserted the data, and before you finish the registration with OK.


This menu item shows different services which are offered by the operating system of your computer or by other applications for usage in Notio.

Hide Notio

You want to get Notio out of sight but let it continue doing its stuff? Simply hide it by clicking on this menu item, i.e. all open windows and the menu of Notio will be hidden.

Notio will still run in the Dock and can be re-opened from there.

Hide Others

If other programs lay in front while you want to work with Notio you can easily hide them by selecting this menu item. The other programs will not be quitted but still run in the Dock.

Show All

If you have hidden several programs, you can make them all visible again with a single mouse click on this menu item.

Quit Notio

Here is your way out of Notio.

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