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Here you can either create a new note or a new group.

When you create a new note, it is named New Note by default, with continuous numbers if necessary. This new note will automatically be selected. When a group is selected while you create a new note, this note will be placed into the group.

When you create a new group, it is named New Group by default, with continuous numbers if necessary. This new group will automatically be selected. If another group is selected while you create a new group, this group will automatically become a subgroup of the previously selected one.

Close Window

Notio always requires an opened document window, so this menu item is usually disabled. When you have opened another non-modal Notio window (e.g. About Notio or the Preferences window), the menu item is selectable.

Close Tab

Closes the currently selected tab in the document window. At least one tab will always remain open.


Here you can choose if you want to import text files as notes or other files as resources.

Hint: When you launch Notio for the first time, it automatically loads two shipped notes.

When you have used Notio version 1 before, the notes you created there will be recognized by Notio. It will suggest on first launch to import them so you don't have to manually import old notes from Notio 1.

Page Setup

When printing the current job list, you might want to define the paper format for your printer. Click this menu item and define the paper format to your needs in the then opening dialog.

This function is supplied by Mac OS X.


Chose this menu item if you want to print the currently selected note. Then you might see one ore more other dialogs in which you can or have to define several printer parameters. This depends on the installed printer and printer driver.

Please refer to your computer or printer manual for the print settings.

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