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Notio Help

This standard menu item calls the Help Viewer in order to show the Notio Help which you are reading right now.

Notio Homepage

This menu item opens your default browser (e.g. Safari) and shows the homepage of Notio where you can get further information about the application.

Show Notio Homepage

Release Notes

This menu item opens your default browser and shows the product history of Notio in our website, with the most recent changes on top of the list of all versions and changes. So you can read at any time what has been changed or implemented in a particular version of the application.

Show Notio Release Notes

Notio Browser Scripts

This menu item activates your default browser (e.g. Safari) and guides you directly to a Notio page where you find information about how easily you can use browser scripts for Notio, to directly add URLs as resources or web page contents as notes to Notio.

Show Notio Browser Scripts

Send Message

When you choose this menu item, you can send a feedback mail message to the Notio developers.

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