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You can define several parameters in Notio. Please chose this menu item in order to open the settings dialog. It offers various tab views:

General Preferences

Launch at Login

Here you can define whethe Notio should be automatically launched when you start your computer.

Highlight Sheets

# Hint: use the tooltip text of this checkbox! If you check this option, the document area will be darkened when a sheet drops out of the title bar / toolbar. This increases the focus on the sheet.

Note Preferences

Create New Note As

Here you can define whether a new note will be created in RTF text or plain text format.

Check Spelling While Typing

When this option is checked, your spelling will be checked directly while you type text. Spelling mistakes will be marked by the usual red underlinings.

Show Text Ruler

All notes can be formatted and layouted with a text ruler. The ruler is shown by default. You can switch off this default here, if desired.

Basic Fonts

Here you define which font face and size will be basically used in your notes. You can define different basic fonts for both RTF text and plain text.

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