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PDF Service

Notio installs a PDF service named Save PDF to Notio, which you can find in the Print dialog of almost every Mac OS X application, when you click its [PDF] button.

When you output a document of another document via this PDF service, the PDF will immediately be added to the Resources database category of Notio. If Notio isn't running, it will be automatically launched.

System Services

Notio installs two system-wide available services, which you can use from every Mac OS X application which supports system services.

Import File into Notio This service imports text files as notes, and PDFs, images and webarchives as resources, respectively.
Import URL into Notio This service imports the currently selected URL from another application's text view or from your browser's address bar as a resource.

Here is a description how you can configure the system services of Notio:

  1. Open the System Preferences (in the Apple menu).

  2. In the System Preferences window, choose the Keyboard Preferences.

  3. Now select the Keyboard Shortcuts view and choose Services in the list at the left.

  4. In the list shown at the right, you will find many services, divided into groups.

  5. Search the above-mentioned services from Notio and switch them on right here.

Hint: If you still keep an older Notio version 1.x in your Applications folder, you may want to remove it from there after you have saved and stored the notes and data managed by this version. When an application is no longer in the Application folder, its services are no longer shown in the System Preferences. You may have to reboot your computer once.

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