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How do I adopt my data from Notio version 1?

Notio 2 recognizes notes from Notio version 1 automatically and offers to take them. This option is offered at the first launch of the application.

If you want to import them somewhen later, for any reason, here is a description how to do this manually.

Where are my data?

All data which you add to Notio will be immediately automatically saved. Therefore, Notio has created a database on first launch. You find the database in the ~/Library/Application Support/Notio/ directory. (The tilde here stands for your own user directory.)

I can no longer launch or use Notio. What's up?

Even though we have tested each and every feature of the application, we cannot assure that your database may get damaged somewhen, for any reason. In this case, Notio will probably behave very strange and either directly crash or be merely usable.

We presume that you use Time Machine or another backup system to protect your data. In this rare case, you should firstly try and restore your database directory in ~/Library/Application Support/Notio/ from the last backup. If this doesn't help and you use Time Machine or another incremental backup system (with multiple backup versions), try the previous backup version.

If even restoring older backup versions doesn't help, you will probably have to bite the bullet and delete the complete database directory. Then Notio can be launched and used again.

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