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Notes List and Database

The left column of the Notio document window shows an outline view with two groups of list entries, NOTES and DATABASE.


Here you can create, rename, sort, move and manage your notes and groups. A gray spot field in the upper right corner shows the number of currently available notes.

Hint: Notes can also be imported with services which are described in their own section in this manual.


The Notio database manages various categories that you see listed here: Search, Resources, Imported Notes, Keywords, and the own Trash of the application. To the right of these categories gray spot fields show the number of entries in the relevant database categories.

Hint: Resources cannot only be added using the buttons available in the document window, but also with services whcih are described in their own section in this manual. Besides, you can add files or URLs from a browser by dragging them to the Notio app icon in the Dock.

Accessories Bar

At the bottom of the lef area you see a [+] button on the left, which offers the same functions that you get via the [New] button in the toolbar above.

Right to it, there is a [–] button which is only selectable when at least one note or group has been selected in the notes list above. Use it to drop the selected notes to the trash or to remove groups (and their notes content). This is equivalent to clicking the [Remove] button in the toolbar above.

At the very right of this accessories bar, you see three vertical lines. They symbolize a mover which you can grab and move to change the width of the left area of the document window. You can also place the mouse pointer exactly on the vertical separation line between the left and middle area of the document window, until the mouse pointer changes into a mover with arrows to the left and right. Then you can also change the column width.

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