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This document describes the following synchronzation mechanisms supported by PasswordWallet for Mac OS X:


There is one fundamental requirement for all of the synchronization mechanisms described herein:

  • When syncing any two entities, the passwords on both sides of the synchronization must be identical. If they are not, there will be an error. All data transferred during synchronization is encrypted whether it is done over a network, device or file-to-file.

Mac-to-Mac Synchronization

Two computers running Mac OS X can synchronize the contents of their PasswordWallet files over a network. The computers discover themselves using Bonjour. PasswordWallet must be running on both computers.

There are two phases to synchronization:

  • Pairing: Allowing two computers to synchronize with each other.
  • Synchronization: For each pair of computers, specify which files on each should be synchronized.

To synchronize files on two computers, do the following:

  1. From the "PasswordWallet" menu, select "Synchronization Setup" and click "Mac and iPhone".
  2. Under "Step 1", pick a computer on your network that is running PasswordWallet and push the "Pair" button.
  3. On one computer, enter the number presented on the remote computer. (This prevents your neighbors from stealing your passwords.)
  4. Once paired, the remote computer will appear in the list under "Step 2". Add and remove files to synchronize with the remote computer. Drag and Drop works. Or you can push the "+" button to add a file or the "-" button to remove a file.
  5. Repeat the previous step on the remote computer. You will have to manually move the files to the remote computer as PasswordWallet will never copy a file from one computer to the other for you. (This also prevents your neighbors from stealing your passwords.)
  6. When both computers are set up, push "Sync Now". Synchronization is very fast. Any files that are synced that are also open in PasswordWallet will be closed before synchronization, and re-opened afterwards.

Mac-to-iPhone Synchronization

A computer running Mac OS X and an iPhone (or iPod Touch) can synchronize the contents of their files over a network. The Mac and iPhone discover themselves using Bonjour. PasswordWallet must be running on the Mac.

Follow the instructions above to prepare your Mac to synchronize.

  1. On the iPhone, run PasswordWallet and push "Synchronize"
  2. All Macs running PasswordWallet will be displayed in a list.
  3. Choose your Mac.
  4. All files specified for the iPhone on the Mac will be copied or synced with the iPhone.
  5. After synchronization, a status of all operations performed will be displayed.
  6. To choose which files to view on the iPhone, return to the main screen and push "Choose or Manage Files". This screen (documented in the PasswordWallet for iPhone or iPod Touch manual) will display all of the files on the device.

Mac-to-WindosMobile Synchronization

Synchronizing files between your Mac and WindowsMobile devices requires MissingSync for WindowsMobile. MissingSync maintains the connection to the device while the PasswordWallet conduit (portions of which are also built in to PasswordWallet) performs the synchronization. PasswordWallet does not have to be running for the synchronization to execute.

PasswordWallet for WindowsMobile will execute on any WindowsMobile 5 device, be it PocketPC or Smartphone. To begin, plug in your device and confirm that it is recognized by MissingSync. From the "PasswordWallet" menu, select "Synchronization Setup" and click "WindowsMobile".

  1. Installation of PasswordWallet for WindowsMobile:

    Push "Install" under step 1. PasswordWallet will communicate with your device, determine if it is a PocketPC or WindowsMobile device, and install the correct version on your device. After you push "Install", MissingSync may have a question for you. Push "Default" if it is confusing.

  2. Installation of the Conduit:

    Push "Install" under step 2.

  3. Choosing files to synchronize:

    Push "Configure". Add and remove files to synchronize with the remote device. Drag and Drop works. Or you can push the "+" button to add a file or the "-" button to remove a file. Files that do not exist on the device will be copied to the device. Files are never copied off the device by the conduit.

  4. To synchronize:

    Run MissingSync and push "Synchronize".

Mac-to-Palm Synchronization

From the "PasswordWallet" menu, select "Synchronization Setup" and click "Palm". We recommend MissingSync for Palm as it is a modern Cocoa app still maintained by Mark/Space. HotSync from Palm has not seen a major update for over 5 years. Our conduit and synchronization work best in MissingSync.

  1. Install PasswordWallet on your Palm OS device.
  2. Installing the conduit that allows the data on the Palm and the data on your Mac to synchronize.
  3. Configuring the conduit with your preferences.

Automator Action

Enclosed in PasswordWallet's application is an automator action. Automator will find the Synchronization Action automatically. There is nothing special to do. So long as PasswordWallet is installed in your Applications folder, Automator will find it.

After running automator, the action can be found under "Library" -> "Utilities" -> "Synchronize Files". The action will have a PasswordWallet icon.

The automator action, for input, requires two files. These are most easily fed by the "Finder" action named "Get Specified Finder Items". The automator action expects only two files. The automator action will generate an error if exactly two files are not fed to it.

Synchronizing two files

PasswordWallet can synchronize one file with another. This ability is avialable from the "Wallet" menu. Simply open a document, select "Synchronize with File..." from the "Wallet" menu, and select the remote file to synchronize.