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Imposition Templates And Related Document Settings

There is an interplay between imposition templates and a number of related document settings. When laying out an imposition template, PDFClerk Pro first looks at the imposition template for settings that are also available as document settings. If the imposition template does not define the setting then the document setting is consulted. In other words, the template settings override the document settings. This makes it possible to set up PDFClerk Pro to create new documents with particular, often-used settings, but have imposition templates that override these settings for requirements are different. Conversely, by having these settings available as document settings, templates can also be defined such that they can be used in different situations that nonetheless require similar layouts.

E.g. the factory provided templates work equally well on A4 sized paper as on US Letter sized paper, or A3, or tabloid sized paper, because sheet size can be defined either in the document settings and/or in the templates. By not specifying sheet size in a template, that template is applicable to any sheet size that reigns supreme in the document. If a template overrides the sheet size, that template will always produce sheets of the specified size, regardless of the sheet size set in any document it is applied to.

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