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PDF Documents Versus PDFClerk Pro Documents

It is important to understand that PDFClerk Pro uses its own native file format, one that is not equivalent to the standard .pdf file format. PDFClerk Pro documents do not even need to have any PDF content as their source and can be created completely from scratch from within PDFClerk Pro. The user creates or edits the document in PDFClerk Pro. When the file is ready for production, the user exports the document to the PDF file format. A PDF document produced from PDFClerk Pro will not be as editable as the PDFClerk Pro document from which it was produced. Anything edited in a PDFClerk Pro document, conversely, remains editable in later sessions with that document.

Often PDFClerk Pro is used to quickly impose an original PDF for printing a document as a booklet, and neither PDF document nor PDFClerk Pro document are created.

PDFClerk Pro documents save with a modified preview of their first page as their icon. The icon will always sport a small folded edge at the top right, a yellow and black ribbon at the bottom and a plastic binding comb at the left, so that it remains easily distinguishable from Mac OS X’s PDF preview (which uses a different looking (thinner) comb and no ribbon at the bottom).

PDFClerk Pro document icon of a document with an empty first page.

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