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Outline List

The Outline List displays any outlines (a.k.a. bookmarks) defined in the master document. This list is not available for imposed layouts. Clicking an entry in the list scrolls the content view to the entry’s target page. When editing outlines it may be handy to turn this linking behaviour of. To do so turn on the Caps Lock key. While the key is active, the links of the outline list are inactive.

Outlines are created by dragging pages from the page list and dropping them at the desired location in the outline. For more information on outlines see the chapter on outlines.

The [Outline List] toolbar button toggles between showing and hiding the outline list. It is only enabled when the master document is shown. When an imposition is activated the outline list is hidden and the toolbar button is disabled. If full light table mode is active when the outline list toolbar button is clicked the view switches out of light table mode.

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