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Source Page Size And Layout

The entries under the Page tab govern the size and layout of the source page.

Original Size makes no adjustments to the pages. They are rendered as they are in the source document.
Sheet Size renders pages onto sheets that match the page size chosen in the current Page Setup.
Manual Size renders pages onto sheets of a specified fixed size.

The Align Contents setting governs how the contents of the source page are aligned to their new dimensions if the sheet size is not the original size. This is available when the contents are not scaled, or when they are scaled proportionately.

The Scale Contents setting, when activated, will cause the contents of the source pages to be scaled up or down to fit their new dimensions. The Proportionally setting decides whether the scaling is axis independent, making the contents fit the new dimensions snugly, or whether the axes are scaled by equal amounts until either axis has reached its new dimension.

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