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The Media Library

The Media Library provides easy access to text and graphics files available to your system.

There are two browsers:

The Photos browser contains a number of top level folders that list a number of standard locations on your system that contain graphics. These folders cannot be edited. You can only use them to drag objects from the browser into your PDFClerk Pro documents. It also has a PDFClerk Pro Media folder where you can store and manage your own PDFClerk Pro specific collection of objects. The Text browser has only the PDFClerk Pro Media folder for storing text based objects. You can drag folders from the Finder onto the the upper list of the browser, and they will be added to the library. These manually added lists can also be deleted again.

To add individual objects to the library, you select the PDFClerk Pro Media folder of the appropriate browser, and then drag objects onto the bottom list. Graphics and text files are simply copied and added to the library. You can later delete them without fear of losing your original. It is also possible to drag selected text out of other programs and drop them onto the list in the text browser. You will be prompted for a name and PDFClerk Pro will create a new file with the snippet of text and add it to the library. Double clicking a listed text file will open it in the default editor for that file, ready for editing. You can also save as in the editor to create a new file derived from the original, that will be added to the library (as long as you do not change the directory it is saved in).

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