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Split Into Bitmap Files

This option splits the document’s pages into bitmapped graphics files. One file per page. Pages can be exported to TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or JPEG2000, optionally with a transparent background (instead of the page color, which is usually white), at the specified pixel resolution, which defaults to 72. (Pages that have a painted (white) background cannot be made transparent.)

Choose the output resolution depending on the intended use of the images. If the images are going to be shown on-screen only you probably want to keep them at 72 dpi. (Or, for high resolution screens like the iPhone 4 Retina display, 144 dpi). If the images will be printed, you may want to specify at least 300 dpi. (This will dramatically increase the file size of the resulting image files.)

A filter can be applied when the bitmap files are created. For instance, you could create sepia tinted monochrome versions of each page.

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