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Finishing Marks

Also known as printer’s marks, Finishing Marks include bleed marks, trim marks, registration marks, and color/gray tint proofing bars. To make finishing marks appear on the page turn on their rendering by selecting the appropriate choices from the Rendering submenu of the Tools menu.

The line width used for finishing marks can be set in the application preferences.

Trim marks

(a.k.a crop marks) are lines placed at the corners of an image or a page to indicate where to trim (cut) it. PDF Nomad 2 combines the trim marks with fold marks, that indicate where the paper is to be folded. Whereas the trim marks appear as solid lines, the fold marks appear as dashed lines.

Bleed marks

are similar lines around the corners of printed material used to indicate the areas that are printed over the cutting edge (indicated by the trim marks). Bleed is used to compensate for small inconsistencies that can occur when paper is cut to final size during the finishing process.

Registration marks

are crosshair lines with a circle that guide graphics equipment and personnel in processing printed material during the printing and finishing process.

Proofing bars

are used by printers to ensure consistency and quality in printed output.

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