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Rotating Page Contents

The content of pages can be arbitrarily rotated. This is especially useful to deskew the pages of originally scanned documents. To start rotating page contents, control-click on a page and select teh Rotate page Contents... item from the contextual menu that pops up. You will see a bezel on each page that shows the current angle of the page content and the cursor shape changes to the rotate cursor.

To rotate the contents either click and drag anywhere on the page, or, if you use a trackpad, use two fingers to perform a rotation gesture. If you prefer you can enter the rotation angle numerically by pressing the [tools] button to bring up the rotation dialog.

The rotation dialog will show the currently applied rotation, and you can enter a new rotation. Click the [Rotate] button to confirm the rotation. Through the rotation dialog you can also rotate the selected pages, or all pages by respectively holding down the [Alt] key, or the [Alt] and [Shift] keys, while clicking the [Rotate] button. If you select the Deskew check box, the rotation will turn into a deskew operation.

Tip: When deskewing scanned pages, it can be helpful to overlay the grid as a visual cue to help you straighten the page content (Tools → Grid → Show Grid). If you try to show the grid, and it doesn't appear, then select the Edit Grid item from the Grid menu and set the grid to show on top.)

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