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Twitter Notifier Plug-in

The Twitter plug-in is displayed when you choose Twitter in the Notifier Kind pop-up menu in the Notifier Info pane.

This plug-in enables you to send updates or direct messages to yourself or others via the popular Twitter service. View Simon notifications anywhere you can see tweets – on the web, in a Twitter client app, or on your phone.

Choose your Twitter account, so Simon knows who to send the update or message from. You might want to create a special Twitter account just for Simon's use, e.g. the Dejal SimonBot one. If you don't see your account listed, go to System Preferences and the Internet Accounts pane to add an account.
Post Update
Select this radio button to send a public update to the Twitter timeline.
Send Direct Message
Select this to send a private message to a specified Twitter follower. The associated pop-up menu lists the followers of the this Twitter account.
Insert variable
Variables are markers in the text that are replaced by another value when a filter, notifier or service is used. Use this menu to choose from the available variables. When one is chosen, it is inserted at the insertion point, or replaces the selected text. Refer to the Notifier Variables page for descriptions of the available variables.
Enter text to post in the update or direct message. You can include variables to construct useful sentences.

Remarque : Ce module externe a été initialement écrit par Daniel Ellis.

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