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Report Options

The Report Options page of the Report Info pane lets you specify how this report should be generated: how often, what pages to include, what template to use, etc, as described below:

Refresh report every
Set how often to output the report here; specify an amount and units, e.g. 20 Minutes or 2 Hours. The report will be output immediately after clicking [OK], and again at this frequency, as long as Simon is running and the report isn't being edited or paused.
Generate summary page
If checked, a Summary page is output. It typically includes a table much like the Fenêtre de Surveillance de Simon's tests list, with links to Detail pages for each test.
Generate detail pages
If checked, a Detail page is output for each included test. They typically include more information about each test.
Use template
Choose the template to use for this report. Several templates are provided built-in, and updated and user-submitted ones can be downloaded from the Simon Extras page. See the Report Templates page for more information about templates.
Reveal in Finder
Click this button to display the selected template folder in the Finder, so you can view or edit it.
Skip paused tests
If checked, any tests that are paused or auto-paused at the time the report is generated will be omitted. Useful if you routinely have several paused tests, and don't want them cluttering up your report.

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