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Template Document Variables

This page has information about the Document scope, and variables valid within this scope. See the Report Templates page for more information about Simon's report templates.

The Document scope isn't an explicit block like the others. It includes variables that can be used at any time – both outside of and within any blocks. They could be called global variables.

Variables are tags in the file that are replaced by another value when the report is used. Variables are enclosed in curly braces, and have a variable name optionally followed by any number of parameters, e.g. {title format="wordcase"}. See the Report Template parameters page for information on the available parameters.

The variables that are available globally include:

Variable: Outputs:
BasePath Relative path in the output; is ./ for the Summary page and ../ for the Detail pages (if they are in sub-directories).
CR A carriage return character (see also Return).
CRLF Carriage return and linefeed characters (see also ReturnLinefeed).
DetailsExtension Filename extension used for the Detail page files (e.g. html).
DetailsInDirectories Yes if Detail pages are in sub-directories, or No if they are in the same directory as the Summary page.
HasDetails Yes if Detail pages are being generated, otherwise No.
HasSummary Yes if a Summary is being generated, otherwise No.
ImagesPath Relative path in the output to the images directory (if any).
IsDetail Yes if the current page is a Detail page, or No if it is the Summary.
LF A linefeed character (see also Linefeed).
Linefeed A linefeed character (see also LF).
LineNumber The 1-based number of the current line for repeating blocks.
LineOddEven Odd or Even based on the line number (useful for alternating row colors via CSS).
OutputLocation The URL where the report is saved or uploaded.
OutputName The directory where the report is being output.
PageKind Summary on the Summary page, Detail on Detail pages.
Refresh Interval in seconds between reports; useful for the meta refresh to automatically reload the web page.
ReportDate Date that the report was generated.
ReportTime Time that the report was generated.
ResourcesPath Relative path in the output to the resources directory (if any).
Return A carriage return character (see also CR).
ReturnLinefeed Carriage return and linefeed characters (see also CRLF).
SummaryPath Same as BasePath, except includes the index filename if the report uses a file:// protocol.
Tab A tab character.
Template This variable doesn't output anything; it is used for informational purposes only.
TemplateName Name of the template being used.
TemplatePath File path of the template folder (within Simon's data folder).
Title On the Summary page, the name of the report; on Detail pages, the name of the test.
Version Version of Simon that generated the report.

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