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Service Info pane

The Service Info pane is accessed when the Liste des services is active. It shows a summary of the service; click the heading for each line of the summary to jump right to that page. It includes an [Edit] button to enable modifying the service, which toggles to [Done] when editing to switch back to the summary.

In Edit mode, the Info pane is divided into three pages. Below is a brief description of each; click on the page name for more information about each:

This page includes fields where you can name this service and write comments about it.
Service Kind
Choose the service plug-in on this page. Simon uses plug-ins to provide the actual checking functionality, allowing greater flexibility and expandability.
Auto Pause
This feature allows you to suspend checking all tests that use this kind of service on specified days (or any day) and times. Normally you'd probably want to auto-pause a test instead, but this is a quick way to pause a kind of service for many tests.

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