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Capture Session Panel

The Capture Session panel for the Port service and Port notifier plug-ins. This is displayed via the [Capture Session] button in that plug-in's service/notifier page.

This panel assists you in constructing the session script, by connecting to a server on a given port and helping you engage in a conversation with it. It contains a transcript area at the top, showing all of the text received from and sent to the server, and fields to connect to a server, receive text from it, and send commands to it:

Domain or IP
Enter a domain name or IP address to connect to on the given port, then click [Connect]. Any valid domain that supports this port will do; this address is just for capturing the session script, not for later checking.
Click this button after entering a domain or IP address. Simon will attempt to connect to the server. If successful, the button will change to [Disconnect], allowing ending the conversation and closing the capture panel. The panel is also closed if the server initiates the disconnect.
When Simon receives some text from the server, it is displayed both in the transcript area and in this field. You can then select a relevant portion of the text in this field; something that the server would be expected to output in every successful situation. When you send the next command, this text will be stored in the If receive field in a new session script.
Enter the next command here to continue the script, and click the adjacent button to send it to the server. When done, you should send a command to finish the operation, e.g. quit or similar, and Simon will close the panel when the server disconnects. If nothing is appropriate, just click [Disconnect] or close the panel.

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