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The Notifiers page of the Test Info pane allows adding any number of change, failure, or recovery notifiers, so you are alerted when one of those events occurs:

New Notifier
Click this button to display the Liste des notifications, allowing a new notifier to be added.
Notifiers pop-up menu

Notifiers pop-up menu From the pop-up menu on the left of each line, choose Change, Failure, or Recovery to select which kind of notifier to use. Choose None to temporarily disable this line (its notifier will be remembered), or click the bouton [–]  button to remove the line.
notify with
This pop-up menu lists all of the available notifiers for the specified kind of notification. You can click the [New Notifier] button to add a new one, if required.
Conseil : hover over the notify with pop-up menu, or its menu items, to see the comments about that notifier in a tooltip, if there are any for that notifier (the default ones all have descriptive comments).

bouton [–]  Click this button to remove the associated line.

bouton [–]  Click this button to remove the associated line., allowing another notifier to be specified.

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