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Test Info pane

The Test Info pane is accessed when the Tests list is active. It shows a summary of the test; click the heading for each line of the summary to jump right to that page. It includes an [Edit] button to enable modifying the test, which toggles to [Done] when editing to switch back to the summary.

In Edit mode, the Info pane is divided into seven pages.

This page includes fields where you can name this test and write comments about it.
This page contains the frequencies of checking this test, and other options.
This page contains a pop-up menu listing the available services. When you choose a service kind from this menu, the fields below change accordingly.
This page enables adding any number of filters, to look for changes and/or narrow down the output text. This is quite a useful feature; click the link for more information.
This page allows adding any number of change, failure, or recovery notifiers, so you are alerted when one of those events occurs.
This page lets you specify whether to include this test on all reports, on no reports, or only on some.
Auto Pause
This feature allows you to suspend checking this test on specified days (or any day) and times. Useful if a monitored server is restarted at midnight, or you don't want to check during known idle times, etc.

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