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The Reports page of the Test Info pane lets you specify whether to include this test on all reports, on no reports, or only on some:


Include on all reports
Choose this to have this test appear on all reports that you create.
Exclude from all reports
ensures the test doesn't appear on any reports.
Include on these reports
Choose this option to specify certain reports that it should appear on (and thus not appear on others).
Exclude from these reports
Here you define to include the test on all reports other than the specified ones.
If you choose one of the first two options in the pop-up menu, the expanding list below is hidden, as it isn't relevant. If you choose one of the last two options, the list is shown, with one line by default. You can then choose a report to include/exclude. If you want to specify more reports, click the bouton [+]  button to add a line.
Conseil : hover over the Reports pop-up menu, or its menu items, to see the comments about that report in a tooltip, if there are any for that report (the default ones all have descriptive comments).

New Report
Click this button to display the Liste des rapports, allowing a new report to be added.

bouton [–]  Click this button to remove the associated line.

bouton [–]  Click this button to remove the associated line., allowing another report to be specified.

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