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The Application service is displayed when you choose Application in the Service pop-up menu in the Test Info pane.

This service checks for the presence of a specified application, and optionally whether it is currently running.

Click the [Set] button to display an open panel, and choose an application. Its icon and path will be displayed. Alternatively, you can drag and drop an application onto the path field.
Only check that the application is present
If this radio button is chosen, this test plug-in will check that there is an application at the specified location, and report a failure if it is missing. This is the default.
Also check that it is currently running
If this radio button is chosen, as well as making sure the application is present, it will also see if it is currently executing. If not, it will be considered a failure. You can use a Launch notifier to automatically re-start the application when this occurs.

Nota : You can use the Filters feature to report when the application is upgraded or changed in some other way, and the Visit Site function will switch to (or launch) the application.

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