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Port-based services: IMAP, POP, SMTP, SSH, etc.

A section similar to this is used for the Incoming Mail (IMAP), Incoming Mail (POP), Outgoing Mail (SMTP), and SSH services. They are all based on the Port Service Plug-in. This is displayed when you choose one of those services in the Service pop-up menu in the Test Info pane.

These services all establish a connection to the requested server, then attempt to have a conversation with it, based on an established script of text to expect and appropriate responses. If Simon successfully makes it through the script, the check is considered a success. If, however, Simon can't connect, it doesn't receive anything, it doesn't receive the correct text, or it receives a recognized error situation, the check is deemed a failure (with the reason outlined in the logged error message).

Domain or IP Address
Enter the domain name or IP address of the server to connect to.

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