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The Service page of the Test Info pane varies depending on which service plug-in is selected in the pop-up menu at the top; the picture above shows the Web (HTTP) service. When you choose a service from this menu, the fields below change accordingly.

A service is a particular configuration of a service plug-in. A service plug-in does the actual work of checking the tests. There can be multiple services based on the same service plug-in, e.g. the IMAP, POP, SMTP, and SSH services are all variations of the Port Service Plug-in, each using a different port and with different session scripts. Similarly, the FTP Directory Listing, Samba SMB, Screenshots, and other services are based on the very versatile Script Service Plug-in.

Conseil : hover over the Service pop-up menu, or its menu items, to see the comments about that service in a tooltip, if there are any for that service (the default ones all have descriptive comments).

You can add your own services, or modify these, via the Liste des services.

The default services are as follows. Click each to read more about them:

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