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How should I use Tembo?

When you start Tembo, a new window opens. Start typing to initiate a search. Use the sidebar to configure the search: sort order, time frame and location.

Results are grouped by type. For each group, Tembo lists the top ten matches according to the sort order set in the sidebar. You may configure which groups are enabled and in what order they are shown from the Preferences window.

How can I see more results?

Click the arrow button on a group header to drill down into that group. Tembo will list up to 2,500 matches. Rather than have you scroll through the long list to find the desired result, Tembo provides filters to narrow down the list.

What filters are available?

Bookmarks: Type, URL Domain
Documents: File Type
Fonts: File Type
Images: Resolution, File Type
Messages: Subject, From, To
Movies: File Type, Codec
Music: Artist, File Type
PDF Documents: Author
Source Code: File Type
What can I do with search results?

What if the file I am looking for is not in the top 2,500 matches?

The best approach to take is to further narrow down the search by entering more information in the search field.

You may also change the sort order using the sidebar next to the grouped results. While the file may not be among the 2,500 last modified files, it may be among the 2,500 last opened or created files.

From the sidebar you may also narrow the search scope or time frame.

What attributes does Tembo search?

By default Tembo searches file names, text contents as well as any other text attributes indexed by Spotlight.

Tembo's simple query language to let you control which attributes are searched. For this you need to prefix the searched for word with one of the following keywords:

name: search only file names
text: search only text contents
any: search any text attribute but the name and text contents
tags: search only OpenMeta tags
whereFrom: search the files' origins

'text:Houdah name:Tembo' searches for files whose name contains Tembo and whose contents includes Houdah.
'whereFrom:iChat text:Tembo' searches for iChat transcripts which contain Tembo.

How does Tembo match text?

Tembo searches for word prefixes. Searching for 'Paris' matches Paris and parison, but not comparison. Searching for 'Window' matches "MyWindowClass" and "Broken Window"

You may use the * wildcard to control text matching. A search string of '*paris*' matches comparison. If no wildcard is specified, Tembo assumes a wildcard at the end of the word.

You may add quotes to the search string to disable word matching in favor of pharse matching. Searching for 'name:*.txt' matches only files with a .txt extension.

Why can't Tembo find that file?

Tembo searches the Spotlight index. Some files and locations are permanently excluded from indexing. You may have excluded further locations using the Privacy tab in Spotlight preferences.

Why can't Tembo see the contents of that file?

Spotlight relies upon importer plug-ins to index files. Application vendors need to provide the importers for the custom file formats they create. It is left up to them to decide what attributes the importers expose to the Spotlight index.

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