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About AllMyPDFs

Here you find the mandantory info dialog about AllMyPDFs.

At one glance you can see which version of the program you use and who it is registered for.

With two links you can reach the website of the distributor and write an email to the distributor here.

Besides, you will find the button Register in unregistered versions here. Click on it and open the registry dialog of the program where you can enter the purchased registry code.


You can define various general behavior patterns of AllMyPDFs. Use this menu item to open the Preferences dialog. It is described in its own chapter.

Install PDF Service

AllMyPDFs installs a PDF service named Save PDF to AllMyPDFs, which you can find in the Print dialog of almost every Mac OS X application, when you click its [PDF] button.

When you output a document of another document via this PDF service, the PDF will immediately be added to the COLLECTION category of AllMyPDFs. If AllMyPDFs isn't running, it will be automatically launched.

If you have purchased AllMyPDFs from the Mac App Store, this service cannot be installed automatically by the application due to security rules by Apple. Please select this menu entry then. A file picker sheet opens and offers to save the PDF service Save PDF to AllMyPDFs into the system directory Library/PDF Services. Click [Save] to install the PDF service.

Purchase AllMyPDFs Online

You want to register your still unregistered AllMyPDFs and get rid of the restrictions? You want to support the continuous development? No problem!

Chose this menu item. Your internet browser will open immediately and leads you to the AllMyPDFs product page in our website (if your computer is already connected to the internet).

There you can order the registry data for your AllMyPDFs. Fill in and send the form. You will get your registry data via email in about 24 jours.

Register AllMyPDFs

Use this menu item to open the dialog Register AllMyPDFs. It is described in its own chapter.


This menu item shows different services which are offered by the operating system of your computer or by other applications for usage in AllMyPDFs.

Hide AllMyPDFs

You want to get AllMyPDFs out of sight but let it continue doing its stuff? Simply hide it by clicking on this menu item, i.e. all open windows and the menu of AllMyPDFs will be hidden.

AllMyPDFs will still run in the Dock and can be re-opened from there.

Hide Others

If other programs lay in front while you want to work with AllMyPDFs you can easily hide them by selecting this menu item. The other programs will not be quitted but still run in the Dock.

Show All

If you have hidden several programs, you can make them all visible again with a single mouse click on this menu item.

Quit AllMyPDFs

Here is your way out of AllMyPDFs.

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