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10 Hidden preferences

There are a few preference settings that cannot be accessed from the user interface. They can be set from the Terminal.app application by typing a command like

defaults write com.HairerSoft.AmadeusPro HSMySetting value

where HSMySetting is the name of the setting in question and value is the value to which you wish to set it. The list of hidden settings is given in the following table, where the Default column shows the value corresponding to Amadeus Pro’s default behaviour.

Name Meaning Default
HSInvertScrollingBehaviour A value of 1 tells Amadeus Pro to use the scroll wheel to control navigation rather than the zoom level. 0
HSNumberHarmonics Number of harmonics displayed in the spectrum analysis window. 5
HSSelectionToMarker If equal to 1, moves the insertion point to a marker newly created by clicking into the markers list. 1
HSWindowOffset Default distance (in pixels) between the main document window and the left edge of the screen. 20
HSNameTracks If equal to 1, automatically adds a Name and a Track tag to files created using the Split according to markers function. 0
HSCreateIndexPoints If equal to 1, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Track_(CD)#index are created at markers not used to delimit tracks when burning a CD. For example, if black markers are used to delimit tracks, then all markers that are not black will be interpreted as index points. Note: Not all CD players support index points. 0
HSGenericAUView If equal to 1, Audio Units will present a generic user interface, instead of a custom user interface. (Useful for users that are visually impaired and for AUs with buggy custom views.) This setting is ignored for AUs that have no custom interface. \!

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