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Farmacode (Laetus)

Valid Characters


Length of Code

2 to 16



[Questo sezione non รจ stato ancora tradotto.]
The Pharmacode, also known as Pharmaceutical Binary Code, is a barcode standard which has been decisively brought to the pharmaceutical industry by the Laetus company. It is used as a packing control system, being designed to be readable despite printing errors.

Pharmacode can represent only a single integer from 3 to 131070. Unlike other commonly used one-dimensional barcode schemes, pharmacode does not store the data in a form corresponding to the human-readable digits; the number is encoded in binary, rather than decimal. The minimum barcode is 2 bars and the maximum 16, so the smallest number that could be encoded is 3 (2 narrow bars) and the biggest is 131070 (16 wide bars).

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