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[Questo sezione non è stato ancora tradotto.]
Barcody offers the following barcodes:

[Questo sezione non è stato ancora tradotto.]
The abbreviations are explained as follows:

EAN European Article Number ()
GTIN Global Trade Item Number ()
ISBN International Standard Book Number ()
ISMN International Standard Music Number ()
ISSN International Standard Serial Number ()
ITF Interleaved Two of Five, also Interleaved 2 of 5 ()
MSI barcode symbology by MSI Data Corp., even known as Modified Plessey, basing on the original Plessey code
NVE Nummer der Versandeinheit (Number of Shipping Unit, see also SCC and SSCC)
OPC Optical Product Code ()
PZN Pharmazentralnummer (Pharmazeutical Central Number)
SCC Shipping Container Code ()
SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code ()
UPC Universal Product Code ()

Codes are described in detail as follows.

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