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QR Code

[Questo sezione non รจ stato ancora tradotto.]

Valid Characters

Unicode 0x0020–0x01FF

Length of Code

23,624 Bit (2,953 Byte) = max. 4,296 characters


Calculated automatically.

The QR Code is a so-called 2D barcode, which has been developed by the Japanese company Denso Wave in 1994. QR means Quick Response.

The QR Code is built on a square matrix with black and white pixels which represent the binary coded data. Using special marks in three corners, the alignment of the QR Code can be recognized. The data content of a QR Code is protected by a special code which helps restoring up to 30% of damaged data, depending on the error correction level.

Suggerimento: The current implementation of QR Code in Barcody supports error correction level L, which means that up to 7% of damaged data can be restored.

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