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License Editor

You can purchase BlogAssist via the online Dejal Store. This is where your license details are displayed.

If you have not yet purchased a license, you can click the [Go Back] button to return to the License Options page, which has buttons to purchase without leaving the app, or via the online store.

If you purchased online, you will have been sent an email providing your Licensed Name, Email and Serial Number. Simply copy the contents of that email message into the Clipboard, then launch BlogAssist and choose BlogAssist > Licenses. This window will be displayed with your license automatically added. That's it! (If this assistant window was already open before you copied the email, close it and re-open it to automatically add the license.)

If you prefer, you can manually enter or paste the Licensed Name, Email and Serial Number into the appropriate fields. If you type it, you can omit the dashes if you wish. The serial number consists only of digits, no letters. You can change minor aspects of your licensed name, e.g. the capitalization or punctuation, if desired. When entered, click Add to save the license details.

After entering a license, you are still able to edit the capitalization and punctuation if needed, by clicking on the license and making the change, then clicking the Save button. If you wish, you can click Delete to remove the license, and BlogAssist will revert to being unlicensed when no valid licenses remain.

If you've lost your serial number, not to worry! Just enter your name and the email address you used to purchase it, and click Find. BlogAssist will quickly query the Dejal server and retrieve or regenerate the license, if found. If a matching license couldn't be found, an alert is displayed with helpful advice and offering to ask for personal help from Dejal. If you choose to do so, a new email message will be created in your default email client, which you can review before sending. We will respond as soon as possible with an explanation of what was wrong, and/or a fresh serial number if necessary.

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